Jane Castor was hired by the city of Miami in 2016 to oversee an agreement between the City of Miami Police and the DOJ after 7 black men were killed in a period of 8 months. Jane Castor signed and had the contract notarized to do so on April 28, 2016 with a start date for her work on April 7, 2016. Thereafter, when Jane did not timely provide her work, the Miami Herald ran an article asserting that she was “behind schedule on her monitoring agreement” Jane then provided an “excuse” by saying that her “actual start date” was December not April. The notarized contract with April 7, 2016 start date recorded with the city has a line drawn through April and December handwritten written over it.

On March 5, 2017, Florida You Judge (FYJ) blogger, sent a text to Jane asking Jane why there was a line drawn through April and December written over it when the agreement was notarized on April 28, 2016? The text communicated to Jane that is was odd especially on the heels of the Miami Herald article alleging that Jane had not done her job.

Within minutes of this text being sent on a Sunday, Jane Castor called FYJ’s blogger and indicated that she did not know who drew the line through April and that Miami’s city attorney would be able to explain the reason why the start date changed to December. Jane indicated that it had something to do with her getting insurance clearance. Jane also stated that she had billed and/or would be billing for work prior to December. FYJ blogger explained to Jane that she could not bill before December and also give as an excuse not being under contract until December as an excuse for not timely doing her work as reported by the Miami Herald. The next day, May 6, 2017, George Wysong, the city attorney for Miami, spoke with FYJ blogger and said that the reason why the start date changed to December was because Jane needed to be “approved as to insurance requirement. However, the contract signed and notarized by Jane on April 28, 2016, had already been approved as to insurance requirements.

FYJ blogger wrote an email to both the city attorney for Miami and Jane Castor in order to memorialize the phone conversations with both and allow them the opportunity to make any corrections in writing.

Although Jane Castor was given the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in what she said by phone, that she had billed for work prior to December back in 2017, Jane now wants to say that although she did work prior to December (remember, the Miami Herald ran a story saying she did not do her work and Jane responded that it was because she was not under contract prior to December), she DID NOT get paid. Jane wants the public to believe that she did free consulting work that she was hired to do for up to $125, 000 a year for free. It appears that Jane has recently changed her story because she realized the problem with getting paid before December after she was caught not timely performing her work before December.

The contract can be viewed in its entirety here.